In your daily work, you are confronted with people form different cultural backgrounds and you would like to learn how to deal with this diversity?

Because of the migration of many different individuals from many different countries, some professions have become much more complicated. Whether in health care, education or in business, we are often puzzled and irritated by the different norms and values that we encounter with foreigners. In an intercultural training, you will have the opportunity to discuss these problems, find explanations and develop conflict-solving strategies.

You cannot get along with your foreign employees?
You have the feeling to be constantly misunderstood?

Communication between different cultures can be somewhat problematic but can easily be improved through individual coaching.

You employ people form different countries and would like to help them integrate into the German/Dutch culture?

I experienced this culture shock several times and can help to avoid or at least decrease its impact.

You are going to be sent abroad and need a tailored, practically oriented English -or Dutch course?

Please, do not forget to also give your family a chance to prepare themselves. From my own experience, I know how many questions and uncertainties may arise especially also with the partner and the children.
A good language and cultural preparation can do away with many worries and fears, so that the whole family can look forward to this new challenge.

You have to give a presentation in English or Dutch or maybe you have to write
an important letter? You are not sure whether the contents will be received well?

I will help you whenever necessary, with the language and the cultural aspects, i.e. I correct your letters and presentations, online, or help you with your application documents.